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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Bk. 9 The Third Wheel by Jeff Kinney

January 18, 2013

third wheelThe Third Wheel by Jeff Kinney. Pub. Puffin Books, 2012.

If you don’t know about these books that have captured reluctant readers especially boys then you missed a terrific series of novels. This is book 9 and it is every bit as appealling as the others, in fact I enjoyed it more.

Greg Heffley aka the Wimpy kid wrestles with one of life’s great mysteries, girls. He learns that girls not only go to the bathroom in groups but they run their lives by a different set of rules than boys.

His 5th grade class are having a Valentines Day dance and Greg must find a girl to take. He tries very hard  and makes genuine efforts by his own standards and sense of humour but that is not good enough for girls.

He also gets involved with a School Student Council that wants to have the same soft toilet paper in the student toilets as the teachers do in the staffroom. Fat chance.

But the funniest stories are Greg’s memories in his mothers womb before he was born. No wonder he turned out like he did.

Just get it and read it. Jeff Kinney’s illustrations enhance his written text and I love his drawings of the girls.

Primary and intermediate in appeal but very good for slow or reluctant boy readers at any level.

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