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The Girl from Snowy River by Jackie French

January 26, 2013

girl snowy riverThe Girl From Snowy River by Jackie French. Pub. Angus&Robertson, 2012.

When men left the Snowy River Valley to go to war in 1914 it starved the land. The death toll carved large chunks out of many families especially the family of 17 year old Flinty, the girl from Snowy River. How did she earn that name?

Sandy Mack kissed Flinty on the cheek when he left for war and told her to write to him. She took it as an intention to marry. Like all the men Sandy returned a different person and like all the men he never talked about the war. The women just didn’t understand but they were changing too. The most telling sentence of the novel comes from a nurse in the war  ” when I see a man’s body now all I think of is pain and death”

Flinty has a horse called Empress and on a hunt for a runaway stallion worth a 1000 pounds, Flinty has the sort of ride that is told in the legendary Banjo Patterson poem The man from Snowy River.  This poem and other poems like Clancy of the Overflow and other poems greatly influence this novel.

Flinty has a timeslip encounter with a crippled soldier from the Vietnam War, called Nicholas,  near a misty rock outcrop above her farm. He knows her as the girl from Snowy River and she wants to know why. He tells her something very bad and something very good will happen to her. She wants to know more but he refuses to tell.

Flinty’s story is brilliantly told by Jackie French who in my opinion is one of Australia’s great writers.

Will appeal to secondary school students and for girls who ar 11 going on 16.

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