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All this could end by Steph Bowe

January 27, 2013

all this could endAll this could end by Steph Bowe. Pub. Text Publishing, 2013.  

Nina is 16 and her brother Tom is 12. Every time they leave home they expect to find their parents have been arrested when they return. They have an aggressive mother who believes that banks are ripping people off and she wants to redress the balance by robbing them. And so she does  by getting the whole family in on the job.

The family move from town to town and only rob small country banks. Mina has been in many robberies and her brother Tom is about to take part in his first one. This robbery makes up the opening chapter of this book.

Spencer Jack also has an errant mother. She takes off to Fiji with a man half her age.Mina and Spencer are to become boyfriend and girlfriend and this relationship comprises most of the novel. The bank robbery makes up the rest.

Written in enthusiastic manner by the 18 year old author it is lighthearted yet poses some insightful questions about families and parenthood – “how can you be a good parent if you turn your child into a criminal?”

There is also a strong teenage voice and some other bright characters to make up the story. A fun novel for teenagers.


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