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Maisy Grows a garden by Lucy Cousins

February 1, 2013

maisy gardenMaisy Grows a garden by Lucy Cousins. Pub. Walker Books, 2013. 

I received this brilliant First Science pop-up interactive picture book about 4 hours ago and I have just been able to prise it out of the hands of my 3 year old grand daughter. She loved it.

It is spring and Maisy mouse is planting seeds in her garden. She prepares the soil, waters them and watches them grow. Of course there are weeds and bugs but the garden is beautiful and fun..

Tabs enable the reader to pull out and see what is underneath the soil and see the fruit on the plants. New words like rake, fork trowel and plant parts, leaves shoots and roots are pictured and made easy for the pre-school and new entrant reader to understand plant growth.

My grand daughter is back to get it off me.

Check it out for the home and school library. It is fun and informative.

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