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Shot Boom Score by Justin Brown

February 14, 2013

shot boomShot, Boom, Score by Justin Brown. Pub. Allen&Unwin, 2013.

Toby Gilligan-Flanagan is a gifted sportsman and he knows it. He has a couple of friends who are in awe of him but sometimes his attitude at home gets the better of him.

No wonder his sister is like she is. How can she compete with an ego like Toby? Well he is Australian I suppose.

His father, who Toby has to impress, has good control over Toby and sets him a challenge that will occupy his mind and test him and his ego. He challenges Toby to score 10 tries and take 20 wickets. Toby thinks it is easy, but is it?

To further test his mettle new boy, the fearsome Malcolm McGarvey joins his team and may have a critical part to play on whether Toby meets his challenge.

Lots of humour and home spun philosophy from Justin Brown such as -” One day is like scoring a goal in the Cup Final, the next is like being bowled first ball by a girl”. I know how it feels.

Primary and intermediate in appeal especially to reluctant boy readers who love sport.

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