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Scrap book 1 Tale of a Blond Puppy and Book 2 Oh my Dog by Vince Ford

March 16, 2013

blond puppyScrap Book 1 Tale of a Blond Puppy by Vince Ford. Pub by Scholastic 2013.

Absolutely brilliant novel for young and reluctant readers who like stories about animals on the farm.

Scrap is born blond on a sheep farm. Sheep apparantly are not scared of a blond dog because they think it is a sheep. So Scrap is for the scrap heap. Fortunately he is found by Lionel and learns lifes first lessons from Bill the dog the first of which is finding out who and what he is.

The first chapter titled Genius is one to remember as Scrap learns that he is not human and not a chicken but a dog.

Scrap has many lessons to learn and Vince Ford crams a laugh into every incident. But there is a serious side particularly the fact that Scrap was saved from death from a farmer who decided he was no good.

Primary and Intermediate students will love these. Destined to be a NZ classic.


scan0002Scrap Book 2 Oh My Dog by Vince Ford. Pub Scholastic, 2013.

At the end of book one Scrap is bound for another sheep farm where he is to learn the ropes as a sheep dog.

Scrap has a lot of talent as an “eye dog” but he has rivals and friends amongst the other farm dogs. Competition to be top dog is fierce.

Plus Scrap has a desire to meet his mother and maybe his father.

Brilliantly told by Vince Ford. This and Book one are essential purchases for any home that loves reading and for school libraries.


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