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Cyclone Bola by Kath Beattie

March 19, 2013

bolaCyclone Bola by Kath Beattie. Pub. Scholastic, 2013.

Another in the excellent My New Zealand Story series this time about the 1988 tropical storm that thrashed New Zealand and was the biggest natural disaster before the Christchurch earthquake.

Once again written in diary form by Amy who has been sent to live on a Gisborne farm while her parents sail a yacht across the Tasman Sea.

High drama on the sea higher drama on the land as Bola wrecked havoc with floods and landslips. All communication was down and people reduced to survival mode.  Amy tells it well plus we get a rundown on Government and community responses with a timeline and primary photographs in the back.

Good story too and easy to read with short diary entries. Primary and Intermediate in appeal.

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