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Hang in there Bozo by Lauren Child

March 19, 2013

bozoHang in there Bozo by Lauren Child. Pub. HarperCollins, 2013.

This is for those who hace read Lauren Child’s novels on Ruby Redfort, a genius of a girl who breaks codes, solves mysteries and has wild adventures. Excerpts from her two novels are used in this book.

Basically it is a tongue-in-cheek survival guide dealing with some wayout situations but some possible ones as well.

If you are ever caught in quicksand or neeed to survive in the desert or the jungle then is advice for you. But my favourite is what to do when you are being swallowed by an anaconda. be ready with then pen knife on your belt.

Then there is the etiquette involved when meeting the Queen. Do you call her Marm as in balm or mam as in ham. Read and find out.

Lots of laughs for primary and intermediate students.

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