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Cattra’s Legacy by Anna MacKenzie

March 20, 2013

CattraCattra’s Legacy by Anna MacKenzie Pub. Longacre, 2013.

I loved reading about the world this novel is set in but I wouldn’t want to live there. The time is probably the late Middle Ages when horses, ships and river barges were the main form of transport. Life was pleasant enough for the rich and a life and death struggle for the poor. Towns were crowded filthy, disease ridden and there were spies and criminals everywhere. No-one could be trusted.

Risha is early teens and her life in the pleasant mountain village of Torfell is suddenly over when the man she knows as father dies. He was a scholar who taught Risha to read and write but nothing of her mother and background.

Risha leaves with a band of traders and heads south to the plains and the sea. On route she is to discover that that her mother was a Queen of two Kingdoms and that everybody is after her for some reason or other, whether to kill her or to use her in the power struggle that is going on.

Risha has friends but who are they? What is Cattra’s legacy? There is action, treachery and intrigue aplenty.

Brilliantly told and written by Anna MacKenzie. The secret of all good novels is a good idea well told. This fits the bill.

Senior fiction but some  intermediate readers will also devour it.

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