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Hidden by Marianne Curley

April 4, 2013

HiddenHidden by Marianne Curley. Pub. Bloomsbury, 2013. 

Ebony and Jordan are both sixteen, go to the same school but don’t know each other. They also don’t know that they are linked in a way that neither understands but they certainly are going to.

They live in a beautiful valley where life is beautiful. It wasn’t always this way so how did it change?

Ebony has always thought she was one of twins but her brother died while a baby. She also begins to understand that she is different. She is immensely strong and can hear things across a football field. She has violet eyes and flashing red hair and her mother overly protects her. Why is this? She has a friend called Amber and both ride horses.

Jordan is one of lifes victims. He made friends with difficulty and was on the outer. A fatal accident while he was with two brothers has tainted his life so much so that at a school dance he is stabbed in the stomach with a bottle by the surviving brother. While on the operating theatre and about to die two angels appear before him giving him a life or death option.

It seems a girl called Ebrielle was stolen as a baby and given to a couple to bring up. Could this be Ebony?

When Jordan was stabbed , Ebony was at the dance against the wishes of her parents and witnessed the incident. When she goes home her parents tell her the most amazing story and Jordan has his encounter with the angels. Their lives are about to change forever.

Compulsive reading narrated  in consecutive chapters by Ebony and Jordan.

A thrilling story for high school students. You will not put this novel down in a hurry.

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