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Felix and the Red Rats by James Norcliffe

April 18, 2013

red ratsFelix and the Red Rats by James Norcliffe. Pub. Longacre, 2013.

This is a multi level novel that explores the proposition that the line between fantasy and reality is a lot fuzzier than we think. Readers and writers of children’s literature know this already of course so it is always good when a children’s novel proves how true it is.

Uncle Felix who has written a children’s novel called Into Axillaris and he comes to visit David and his older brother Gray and sister Martha. Felix has a friend called Bella who is a flaming redhead. Why is this relevant to the tale?

While Felix is in the house the white rats being looked after by Gray turn brilliant red then appear to turn white then red again. How mysterious?

Meanwhile David is reading uncle Felix’s novel in which two children, Felix and Bella while being chased by bullies who stole Bella’s diary, stumble through a way station into the land of Axillaris.

Axillaris is ruled by a Regent who will not give power over to the Princess until she solves a riddle. Do Felix and Bella have the solution to the riddle without knowing it? What about the diary?

How is the real life story linked to the fantasy story of Axillaris? Read it and find out.

Very clever writing from James Norcliffe. Almost a new Halfmen of O. All levels will get something out of this.

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