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Department 19 Book 3: Battle Lines by Will Hill

April 27, 2013

battle linesDept 19 Bk 3: Battle Lines by Will Hill. Pub. HarperCollins, 2013.

Boy was I looking forward to this book coming out and if you are a follower of the series then you are in for another treat.

At the end of the last book The Rising, Dracula was on the rise and Department 19 was discovered to have a traitor within in the person of Prof. Talbot alias Christopher Reynolds.

When the vampires led by the powerful Valerie Rusmanov attack the Loop, Department 19 is in tatters. Their Director Henry Seward is missing but Jamie managed to kill the traitor and things in the Department are in for a shake up.

The Operational trio of Larissa, Matt and Jamie are split up. Matt becomes part of the Lazarus Project which is seeking a genetic way to remove or cure vampirism. Larissa joins the Americans and Jamie is set for a role that is going to give him a few surprises as he pursues 300 escaped psychiatric patients who have been turned into vampires.

To say too much more would ruin it for fans, except to say there are now only 54 days to the complete rise of Dracula. Holy moly it is exciting. If you are going to read this form of horror then read the best. This is it.

Lots of blood gore and action plus amazing technology and a bit of journalistic ethics for the older reader. The way Will Hill manages the plot is outstanding.

Wide reading appeal from Intermediate to young adult. If you pick this up you will not put it down. It is blood curdling. The vampires haven’t given up but neither has Department 19 and it’s no holds barred.

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