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W.A.R.P Book 1: The Reluctant Assassin by Eoin Colfer

May 3, 2013

reluctant assassinW.A.R.P. Book 1: The Reluctant Assassin by Eoin Colfer. Pub. Puffin, 2013.

Eoin Colfer hasn’t strayed too far from the formula that made the Artemis Fowl books so popular. Why would you?

This is a time travel series about an agency called W.A.R.P that uses a timepod to hide witnesses to serious crimes in the past. In this case in Victorian London. But it comes unstuck as a psychopath called Alfred Garrick – a bit of a Fagan – tumbles to what is going on.

In a gruesome murder in the first chapter Garrick forces his young assistant, Riley, to murder an old man while he sleeps in his bed. The old man has travelled back in time and with his death Riley is transported to the London of today.

In todays world Chevie is an American agent working for W.A.R.P in London. She is young, sassy, and smart. When Riley turns up from the past a W.A.R.P team go back to see what has happened and are murdered by Garrick except for one man. On the way back through the time wormhole Garrick and the W.A.R.P agent merge into one turning the murderous Garrick into a super psychopath.

Garrick sees enormous possibilities in his new format and Chevie and his former assistant Riley – a sort of Artful Dodger- are in his sights. Can Garrick utilise his power to change the world? Can Riley and Chevie stop him? and who is Marlarkey? or is it all Marlarkey?

Brilliantly told with a quick ascerbic wit that characterises Colfer’s novels. He can make you smile as gruesome action takes place.

Certain to be a winner for Artemis Fowl fans and for new readers who love science fiction/fantasy action.

For Intermediate and High school readers.

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