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Scrap Book 3: Dog on Trial by Vince Ford

May 4, 2013

scrap 3Scrap Book 3: Dog on Trial by Vince Ford. Pub. Scholastic, 2013.

The third book about Scrap the blonde sheep dog as he learns about life on the farm and about life in general. Blondes have more fun don’t they? Scrap certainly does and the reader will too.

In this book he learns why humans drink coffee and tea all the time – it makes them pee and then they can mark their territory.

He learns that cows are wired to a different frequency and tactics used to persuade a sheep do not work with cows.

Just because someone calls your father a pig does not mean that you are half pig half dog and should be going woof oink.

But most importantly he takes his father on at sheep dog trialling. Good father/son stuff here.

Told in the same delightful, tongue in cheek and easy style of the other two books reviewed elsewhere in this blog.

Country kids will nod knowingly and city kids will love to know how a farm works.

Reluctant readers at primary and intermediate level. This series is fabulous.

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