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Gladiator Part 3: Son of Spartacus by Simon Scarrow

May 8, 2013

son of spartacusGladiator Part 3: Son of Spartacus by Simon Scarrow.  Pub. Puffin 2013.

This is boys own stuff and absolutely riveting. Set in the Roman Empire when  Julius Caesar was but a Consul and Rome accepted that slavery was an essential part of life.

Politics in Rome amongst the politicians was a deadly game and equally deadly amongst the generals of Rome’s armies who sought glory and wealth at the expense of the ordinary citizens and the slaves who oiled the wheels of the Empire.

Marcus is a 12 year old boy who is an aide to Caesar because of an act of bravery when he was training as a Gladiator. But Marcus has a secret he is the son of Spartacus the slave who rebelled against Rome. Now a new rebellion is afoot led by Brixus who says the son of Spartacus will lead the slaves to victory over their masters.

Thrilling stuff. Caesr is sent to stop the rebels and he takes marcus with him. In the battles that ensue Marcus shows his mettle but he carries the brand of Spartacus on his shoulder. What will happen if his identity is discovered.

Simply told with action aplenty and an insight into Roman civilisation particularly the role of the armies.

Intermediate and high school in appeal. It is refreshing to see the history of Rome as a theme of children’s literature.

I shall read the other books although this stands on it’s own but leaves you panting for the next part.

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