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Sinking by David Hill

May 9, 2013

sinkingSinking by David Hill. pub Scholastic, 2013.

Conrad is just in his teens and beginning to notice how girls are filling out their jeans. He is a good swimmer and has hopes of making the Nationals. He is a disciplined boy, trains every day and has good relationships with his family and friends.

One morning on the way to swimming an old man stumbles out in front of him muttering. He is the grandfather of the new girl in school. Her name is Bex, she is skinny and rides a horse. He likes her but he would never tell his mates.

Town gossip has it  that a death occurred near the river some years before. What happened and who is involved? Bex and Conrad are about to find out.

Simple story about ordinary people for Primary and intermediate students. Girls who like horses and young people who train for any sport will get something out of this novel.

David Hill has a skill to be able to make a story about the most ordinary of circumstances. His understanding of early teen relationships and of Alzheimer’s disease makes this story special.

I read it in one sitting and I rarely do this.

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