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Henry’s Map by David Elliot

May 31, 2013

henrys mapHenry’s Map by David   Elliot. Pub. Random House, 2013. 

Henry is a “place for everything and everything in it’s place” sort of pig. He has a clean sty and as he looks over the farm he reckons he needs a map to show all the animals where they belong.

The sheep, the cow, the horse and the chickens are all excited by Henry’s plans as he draws the map to show where they all belong.

To test that he has got it right the animals walk up the hill to look down on the farm and find when they get there that they are not where henry put them. So they gallop back down the hill and find when they get there that they are in the right place all along.

Brilliant. School children study maps and this is a great starter.

Very laid back illustrations capture the character of the farm and of each of the animals but the real strength of this picture book is the humour and silliness of it all. It is what one expects from David Elliot.

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