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Dork Diaries Book 6: Holiday heartbreak by Rachel Renee Russell

June 3, 2013

DorkDork Diaries Book 6: Holiday Heartbreak by Rachel Renee Russell. Pub. Simon $ Schuster, 2013.

I have already reviewed a Dork Diaries book earlier in this blog and decided to put the latest one on the blog because it is such a laugh with appeal to reluctant pre teen girl readers and they exist. It is not just the boys.

Nikki keeps a diary of her life and she always talks about her home life especially her younger sister Brianna who has a furtive imagination and her school life. Chloe and Zoey are her closest friends and very supportive friends they are and they won’t let her get away with wooly thinking and acting.

Number one enemy is  Mackenzie a shark in lip gloss, skinny jeans and platform heels. Mackenzie is the type of mean rich girl that seems to haunt American High schools. This time she wants Brandon, the near perfect boy, who likes Nikki and she has a crush on him. Oh heartbreak!

Valentines Day dance is to be a girls ask the boys dance. There is drama ahead. Not only that they have to elect a teen princess at the dance. Who will win? I hope it is not Brandon.

Easy to read with high girl appeal. It is a wet day and I had no problem in putting it all aside for this novel.

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