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Bodyguard Bk 1: Hostage by Chris Bradford

June 14, 2013

bodyguardBodyguard Bk 1: Hostage by Chris Bradford. Pub. Puffin, 2013.

Connor is a 14 year old bodyguard or rather buddyguard. His father was a bodyguard too and in the opening chapter his father is protecting the US Ambassador on a trip from Baghdad green zone to the airport. It is ambushed and a heavy battle takes place. Connor’s father makes the ultimate sacrifice and puts his body on the line to protect his Principal.  The Ambassador is later to become the first Hispanic President of the USA with lots of enemies both at home and abroad.

Connor knows nothing of this but he has been able to become the junior kickboxing champion of the UK. Shortly after this fight he is tested in a street fight and trained to become a bodyguard by an International organisation.  Kids can go where adults never can. The same principle applied in the CHERUB series by Robert Muchamore and this new series should attract the same readers.

Connor’s first mission is to protect the daughter of the President of USA, the man saved by his father, but she is a reluctant Principal and when targeted by a extremist Muslim group,  Connor has plenty to do.

Lots of action and hi-tech equipment. Will appeal to Intermediate and High school readers. Very well written in short 3-4 page chapters. The reader is always kept wanting more.

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