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The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

June 15, 2013

5th waveThe 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. Pub. Penguin, 2013. 

Most readers will have thought about what this book is all about. The Science Fiction readers certainly will have. Some of the questions you may have asked yourself would have been, “I wonder what they look like?”  “How will they get here?” “Why have they come?”

And if you get past those questions you may consider if a war will take place. “What type of war?” They will certainly be technologically in advance of us. “What if they try to destroy us?” “How will they do it?”. Seven  Billion Earthlings is a lot of people.

You have got it. An Alien invasion of Earth. Old Hat? Never!! Not when it is told like this.

Cassiopeia and Ben are 16 years old. They started the same school in 3rd grade and were still at the same school when the Others came in a giant Spaceship. Then the killing came in waves and in ways that I had never imagined. Nor had Cassie and Ben. You may have but I would be surprised if you did.

Ben and Cassie give first person narrations in this novel. Unique in itself. Their stories are mind blowing. Cassie knew Ben was around at school, in fact she had a massive crush on him and imagined doing all sorts of things. Did Ben have similar thoughts for Cassie?

The imminent end of Human domination of planet Earth changes everything.

I believe this novel is a contender for the Carnegie Medal. If it doesn’t win, the novel that does win will have to be spellbinding, because this is. This book will keep you guessing till the end.

Secondary students and Young Adults will benefit most from this novel and I know that some younger readers will devour it too.

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