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Noble Conflict by Malorie Blackmore

July 8, 2013

noble conflictNoble Conflict by Malorie Blackmore. Pub. Random House for Doubleday, 2013.

This is a powerful novel as all Malorie Blackmore’s novels have been. She has a healthy suspicion of the motives of those in power whether they be governments or corporations. At the same time she has a healthy respect for life and the right to freedom and a fulfilling life. She once again explores these concepts in a novel in which every word that is written is highly relevant.

The setting is a land in which a war has taken place. The victors have hounded the losers into living in the badlands and there are intermittent guerilla raids from the badlands. The war was caused by one side using nuclear weapons to adjust the tectonic plates to gain more land. Catastrophe resulted.

Kasper grew up on his uncles farm after his mother and father were killed in the wars. Or were they? Kasper joins the Guardians who protect the people and hunt out the Insurgents. In the course of the action he meets a far out librarian with spikey purple hair who helps him with a computer search that is to unhinge his whole way of thinking.

Kasper discovers that the goodguys of which he is a defender have built a society based on lies, torture, cruelty and a permanently drugged population.  Stunning stuff.

Plenty of action, plenty of what the hell is going on, but wonderful believable ending.

High school and young adult readers and any fan of Malorie Blackman books especially the Noughts and Crosses series.

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