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The Last Thirteen by James Phelan

July 13, 2013

last thirteenThe Last Thirteen by James Phelan. Pub. Scholastic, 2013.

The first in a series of 13 novels , all linked and apparantly all starting with a dream and ending with amazing action that will spur you into reading the next novel. Nothing new in that. R L. Stine had this going with Goosebumps and the other series he wrote. These have my vote if they get kids to read. Time will tell.

Dreams are at the heart of the story and the location of The Last 13 kids who have dreams that predict the future. Can these dreams be used as weapons? and who can benefit from them.

This novel begins with Sam’s nightmare in which he encounters an uber bad guy Solaris. He has been around for a while and is very powerful. After the dream Sam is rescued by helicopter by the Academy from bad guys called Enterprise. Everybody wants to find the last thirteen and Sam is the first one.

Sam has two others rescued with him, Alex and Eva who also dream but are they the last thirteen? A gem stone called the Star of Egypt located in New York is the impetus for the battle that ends this novel and demands that you read the next one. I hope it happens.

Short chapters with hooks, snappy dialogue, attractive characters and powerful baddies say read me. Children aged 10 to 14 years will be attracted to them.

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