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Kurt gets Truckloads by Erlend Loe Illustrated by Kim Hiorthoy

July 20, 2013

kurt truckloadsKurt gets Truckloads by Erlend Loe, Ilus. Kim Hiorthoy. Pub. Gecko Press, 2013. 

Kurt has a wife and three children. He drives a truck, has a big curly moustache and wants more ” why is it some people have money and others don’t?”

His level headed wife is quite happy with their life and warns kurt that some people who get rich suddenly “turn Nasty”. Kurt is convinced this would not be him because he regards himself as a kind person.

Then in bizarre circumstances Kurt becomes the richest man in the city and he changes immediately into the sort of person his wife warned him about.

I can tell you no more. Read it yourself, it is just brilliant.

Simply told in straight forward style. Short sentences and plenty of breaks where you can stop if you want to or dare. This is a sit down and read the lot sort of book, it lures you in.

The illustrations are comensurate with the text and add to this very funny parody of life. The message is easily grasped and the appeal is to anyone who can read.

One of the true delights of this year. Thank you Gecko for translating it from Norwegian. If you miss this one you will kick yourself.

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