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The Royal Nappy by Nicholas Allan

July 22, 2013

royal nappyThe Royal Nappy by Nicholas Allan. Pub. Random House, 2013.

I should have seen this coming but  fortunately Nicholas Allan did.

There would be a right royal stink if the Royals ran out of nappies but there are bigger issues than that. What sort of nappies should the royal baby wear when he visits his great grandma at Buck House. You have guessed it – a nice shiny pair so that he (yes it is a prince) can skid around the nicely polished floors.

Of course there is a Royal Nursery with a Royal nanny and even a Royal nappy Collection. When visited by the President of the USA there is a Stars and Stripes nappy and one for every country. Good way to teach about flags.

As always beautifully illustrated with tongue firmly in cheek. You must hum the Royal Nappy- Changing song composed by none other than Henry VIII.

Lots of laughs for adults too. Go on get it and read it. The big heave is not far away.

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