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The Boy with Two Heads by Andy Mulligan

July 31, 2013

boy two headsThe Boy with Two Heads by Andy Mulligan. Pub. David Fickling Books, 2013. 

A multi level novel from the author that wrote the brilliant Trash.

On one level it is the story of Richard who grows a second head and personality called Rikki on the same shoulders as him. The two are opposites. Richard is friendly, intelligent, polite and fits in well with his school friends and at home. Rikki is the dead opposite. He is outspoken, rude, confrontational and basically a sociopath.

The school community accept the second head and Richard and Rikki go to school but Rikki causes havoc and all Richards friendships are destroyed. His parents consult a dubious doctor Warren who in turn consults a dubious specialist and they plot a course of action that Rikki and eventually Richard rebel against.

The next level is the deep one that parents can often find controversial. Richard is grieving for his dead granddad as indeed is alter ego Rikki but Rikki is violently confrontational. Themes of medical ethics, the meaning of life, bullying etc.

The action especially the football matches, the escape from hospital and survival exercise in the Welsh hills and valleys, makes compelling reading. Kids of Intermediate and junior high school will love it.

For the older student issues like animal experiments and a host of others will make you laugh and cry at the same time.

A book with some depth from a very good writer.

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