Running the Country by Maria Gill

August 3, 2013

running countryRunning the Country: A look inside NZ’s Government by Maria Gill. Pub. New Holland, 2013.

Those looking at the news these days may indeed wonder who or what is running the country? Well Maria Gill who is not in the GCSB or the SIS has written this very informative and easily accessible book on who is supposed to be running the country.

She introduces New Zealand’s system of Government and how it works, how the people in a democracy allegedly have power. The political parties, how a law is passed, voting in elections, the Judiciary, the Economy, Local Government and even Citizenship and Human Rights.

It is all there aimed at Primary and Intermediate readers and even for Secondary students who want an overall view before tackling bigger issues.

Professional cartoonist Malcolm Evans provides perceptive cartoon profiles of leading figures from the past and up to today.

The information is provided through the asking of key questions and along the bottom is a timeline of key dates, prime ministers and issues in NZ history. For instance did you know that New Zealand did not have it’s own money until 1933 or that Michael Joseph Savage was actually an Australian? Rob muldoon tried to get elected for 10 years before winning Tamaki in 1960?

Did you know people in NZ have the right to own a gun but must register it and lock it away?

A very good Information book that is an essential purchase for schools and would make an excellent addition to the home.

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