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The Big Dry by Tony Davis

August 26, 2013

big dryThe Big Dry by Tony Davis. Pub. Angus & Robertson, 2013. 

Dystopian fiction at it’s very best because it is so believable and deals with raw human emotions from the mouths of children.

Twelve year old George  and his 6 year old brother Beeps exist in a landscape ravaged by years of drought and hit by massive dust storms that have rendered the human landscape uninhabitable. Adults disappear and children are taken and sold to the wet countries. Those that survive walk the land taking no prisoners in their quest to survive.

The boys’ mother left in a dust storm and the father disappears in another. Food is very short and water supply more desperate. George appoints himself to keep his brother alive and sustains him with stories of hope. If you don’t have dreams it’s the same as giving up.

A girl of similar age to George shows up at their house. She is street wise and realistic. She wants to join with the boys to survive together but George’s pride will not let her. As their plight gets more and more desperate, attitudes change, but will it be too late?

Excellent novel and very readible. Short sentences increase the desperation and urgency of the plot, and short chapters with hooks keep the reader in the book. I read this in one sitting it was so good.

Strong hints of the consequences of global warming and the rich getting richer while the poor get desperate.

Intermediate and high school students will devour this novel.

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