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Spirit Animals Book 1: Wild Born by Brandon Mull

September 9, 2013

spirit animalsSpirit Animals Bk 1: Wild Born by Brandon Mull. Pub. Scholastic, 2013.

The land of Erdas looks remarkably like Earth. Since time out of mind it has been protected by 15 Great beasts, but now there is a crisis. Centuries ago the Devourer tried to destroy Erdas but was beaten by the Great Beasts in league with a group called the Greencloaks.

In that battle 4 Great Beasts fell – the Falcon, the Panda, the Wolf and the Leopard now they are back as the Spirit Animals of four kids from all the Lands within Erdas, two boys and two girls each with talents and skills that are going to be necessary in the coming battle.

The Devourer is on the move again and war is being waged in two of the four lands of Erdas – Zhong and Amaya. The Greencloaks try to unite the four risen beasts and their humans to help in the battle. But firstly the talismen of all the other Great Beasts must be acquired to insure that they don’t fall into the hands of the Devourer.

This is the first of 7 books which are targeting primary and intermediate aged children particularly reluctant readers. There is an on-line game that relates to the books and allows children to invent their own Spirit Animal and play an action role.

Well written with plenty of action and much to be said about friendship and difference. The four children are all worthy role models in their own way and of course it is a good v evil battle. Sometimes evil does well but good will win in the end.

Classic adventure/fantasy and a good start for higher reading..

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