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That is not a Good Idea presented by Mo Willems

September 13, 2013

not good ideaThat is not a Good Idea presented by Mo Willems. Pub. Walker Books, 2013.

A cautionary tale with a twist presented like a silent movie with filmic techniques used in both the written text and the illustrations.

Opening double page spread has mother goose with basket in the wing being apparantly mesmerised by a fox dressed as a toff “what luck!” “Dinner!” An invitation to go for a stroll follows and mother goose seems heading for the cooking pot.

Mother gooses chicks warn at every step that what is happening is not a good idea. But who are they talking to?

Techniques of the silent film era like the big close up and the dark page with writing are used to great effect. You can hear the hisses and boos from the readers and so you should.

Great read a loud. A must purchase with appeal to older readers too.

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