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The Paladin Prophecy by Mark Frost

September 20, 2013

paladin prophecyThe Paladin Prophecy by Mark Frost. Pub. Random House, 2013. 

A Paladin is a Holy Warrior dedicated to fighting evil and the Paladins date back to Emperor Charlemagne who united Europe for the first time after the fall of the Roman Empire. Now the modern day equivalents are creating havoc in the world of a select school in Chicago where exceptional students go.

Will is a superior student and athlete but he doesn’t know it. He gets full marks in an outside exam without trying and gets a scholarship to the select school which is a bit like Hogwarts with secret tunnels etc. The kids that go to this school are super intelligent but some are bullies and thugs of the highest order.

Will and his new school friends are on one side, Lyle the security dude and his cohorts led by bossman Todd are on the other side. Conflict occurs. To make matters more interesting there are demons breaking through from another world that only Will can see, but they can be devastating. Will’s powers develop just in time to to combat the evil forces that are found to be centred on his new school.

Fantasy/ adventure with some harmless school fun. High school students will enjoy it. Part one of a planned trilogy.

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