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The Fly Papers Book 2: The Sundew Stalks by Johanna Knox

September 28, 2013

sundew stalksThe Fly Papers Bk2. The Sundew Stalks by Johanna Knox. Pub. Hinterland Press, 2013.

Second zany novel in the Fly Papers series that will have great appeal to Primary and Intermediate aged readers.

Once again the strength of the series is found in the array of wacky characters, including the predator plants, who have way out there personalities.

This time there is a new character Tora who is a wrestler at her father’s Bodyslam gym and a secret free runner. While running past The Living Horror Laboratory owned by madcap scientist and film buff, Bette Noir, she finds the aforementioned tied up and gagged by arch bad boy Jimmy Jangles thugs Cassandra and Sybil. These two also work as wrestlers at her father’s gym.

Bette Noir, who genetically engineers plants for horror films, gives Tora  a fly eating Drosera plant and says to hide it.Tora  does this and when she feeds it finds that it is intelligent and speaks. The plant tells her of an impending battle but what is it and who is involved?

Boy hero Spencer Fogle and his venus flytrap from the previous book are back.

Completely wacky but fun to read and a mystery as well. I bet Johanna Knox had a ball writing this novel and it shows. You can’t beat enthusiasm and this novel has it.

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