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Seven Rules by Dayle Mackenzie

October 30, 2013

seven rulesSeven Rules by Dayle Mackenzie. Self Published, 2013.

As  rule self published books need a dam good edit and restructure before they can convince me they are any good. Most have a good story to tell but the one I read isn’t it.

This novel is an exception. Four things make it stand out. Firstly the author is writing about what he knows well and therefore tells a convincing and indeed thrilling plot. Secondly it is short concise with short chapters and hooks at the end of chapters that keep the reader in the story. Thirdly the plot is structured very well even though it is a time travel story that flits between three time zones – today, 1936 and 16th century Central American when the Mayans and Spanish locked horns. Fourthly the characters are real, you believe in them especially Andy.

The cornerstone of the plot is a two piece Talisman, made by the Mayans, that has the ability to move back and forward in time as long as a key to the time period being traveled to is held by the bearer. The Seven Rules by which it operates are stated at the beginning of the book and are a great starting point to get into the novel.

Having said all that I would ruin it for you if I gave away the plot needless to say if you like an Indiana Jones type story with adventure and fantasy then get it and read it.

While no major girl parts have emerged yet there is time as it is part 1 of a trilogy and there is plenty in it for girls who like action.

To contact author email  dayle.ani@clear.net.nz

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