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Tom Hassler and The Rats of Droolmoan Cave by Doug Wilson

November 4, 2013

rats droolmoan caveTom Hassler and the Rats of Droolmoan Cave by Doug Wilson. Distributed by South Pacific books. 2013.

Not many kids have the middle names Farht- Ball but Thomas hassler does. It doesn’t bother him and he thinks he is just a boring nobody, but he is wrong. He is related to the Farht-Ball Hasslers who in turn are related to the Seapeople including seals, orcas albatrosses and sea eagles.

Just before he turns thirteen Thomas is summoned by his Aunt and grandmother whom he never knew and discovers his past history and the fact that he has a special task to do – go to Droolmoan cave and stop the incredibly bad Madame Hortense and her black rats from escaping to the mainland and destroying the seafolk.

Big task. Is Thomas up to it? First he must learn to fly. Fortunately he has help in Maria a small brave girl who is going to be the bait.

A self published book from scientist and dyslexic Doug Wilson. Who said scientists couldn’t communicate? Well written with short chapters, big print and plenty of action and characters children can relate to. As well it has a strong conservation theme and it is not going to be the last of the Tom Hassler series.

Primary and intermediate readers. strong child appeal and read-a-loud qualities.

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