The Boring Book by Vasanti Unka

November 20, 2013

boring bookThe Boring Book by Vasanti Unka. Pub. Puffin, 2013.

This is a picture book that pushes boundaries, it is also the sort of book that wins awards and I wish it well.

Words are powerful things, they can be used to bore the pants off you and send you to sleep hence the cover and the third page showing  a young boy asleep in a chair with the Book on his lap.  Page two has a stapled in book where the words are written to bore and confuse you. It is a book no-one ever reads and it is cancelled and withdrawn from the Whakatane Public Library.

Then the words rebel and march out of the book. Immediately the dreary tone of the book bursts into colour as the words are set free to go where they want. Wahoo! Freedom! But words can confuse even when they are having fun and being interesting especially on road signs and shop signs. Public Toilets for Poos and wees. Brilliant.

Words need to be controlled so they disappear. However you can’t shut up words or life becomes dreary again. So back they come and the book ends with a stapled in book that you  can write in yourself. Wonderful.

Books are not boring but the way a story is told can be boring. A good message for aspiring writers in this picture book for everybody.

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