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Ruby Redfort Pt3: Catch your Death by Lauren Child

November 25, 2013

catch your deathRuby Redfort Pt3: Catch Your Death by Lauren Child. Pub. HarperCollins, 2013. 

The best of the Ruby Redfort novels to date in which Ruby shows a chink in her armour. She is mightily clever when exercises of the mind are concerned but to be a SPECTRUM Agent she must be able to survive in the wild.

The first few chapters of this novel are concerned with Ruby going on a survival course in which she encounters more problems than she expected largely because she ignored some basic proceedures. To find out what they are you will have to read the book.

As always there is a mystery about Ruby’s adventures. In this case they concern the hugely evocative sense of smell. Odours, scents and smells are strongly linked with emotion and memory and often arouse feelings and recollections. It’s no secret that Marilyn Monroe wore only Chanel No 5 to bed at night. But how will a sense of smell help solve the mystery here?

There is an ancient jewelery exhibition in town and some strange looking animals appear to be loose in Twinford. Are they linked? What of Ruby’s survival skills will they be tested again? Thirteen year old Ruby and her best friend Clancy Crew have plenty to contend with in this 500 page novel.

Mostly for primary and intermediate readers or readers who like to solve mysteries and codes.

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