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The new Hunger by Isaac Marion

December 1, 2013

New HungerThe New Hunger by Isaac Marion. Pub. Vintage books, 2013

The Prequel to Warm Bodies, which is reviewed elsewhere in this blog, a book which told of a zombie R and his human captive Julie, and a hope that the horrific world in which they existed had a chance of changing.

This book also tells of R and Julie but at a time when hope is gone for humans as they adjust to the new situation, and the fate of being a zombie has just struck R.

There are three narrative threads in this novel. The first is of R wakening with bodies all around him. He is not sure what he is, where he came from and what is expected of him as a zombie. He starts walking.

The second thread is teenager Nora and her young brother Addis who have been deserted by their parents and are existing in a horrifying world. They too are walking unknowingly in the same direction as the zombie R.

The third strand has 12 year old  Julie driving with her ex army father and mother to Canada where they hope the zombie world has gone. They are wrong. This family too are driving towards Seattle. Will they all meet?

The star of this book is the language and metaphor that Isaac Marion uses to describe the world in which these characters are surviving. A world where “responsible murder is the new recycling” where it is “bullets before hamburgers” and where “the bad neighbourhoods of yesterday are the new survival buffets of today”.

Bodies are everywhee many lying in their elegant garb with their skulls scooped out.

You don’t need to have read Warm Bodies to read this short readible novel but it helps, needless to say you will read it once you have read this.

Secondary school readers and young adults. If you are going to read horror read the best. This is it.

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