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Nothing Rhymes with Elephant by Jon Gadsby Illus. Grant MacDonald

December 9, 2013

rhymes elephantNothing Rhymes with Elephant by Jon Gadsby Illus. Grant MacDonald. Pub. Mrs Moo Books, 2013.

Bound to be popular this picture book  for two reasons. The  zany sense of humour of Jon Gadsby’s poetic text (with the help of two little girls) and  the superb illustrations of Grant MacDonald. The secret of any picture book is for illustrator to add a dimension that the written text does not. This book has that dimension.

All the elephants know that nothing rhymes with elephant. They search the dictionary and everywhere else to find one. Why not? “A leopard can be peppered, a rhino is on the lino and a rabbit out of habit shares a carrot with a parrot.” But there is no such thing as a heliphant or a smellyphant. It reminds me of a Sesame street character called Same Sound Brown who couldn’t rhyme Mortymupmote.

How frustrating. This is where the illustrator comes in. Not only are all the elephants and other animals shown off in great style but the sheer frustration of the oblong eyed elephants is a sight to behold.

At the back there is a did you know section with an unusual fact on all the animals in this story.

A sure winner and a great present for kids at Xmas and addition to the school library.

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