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Machines and Me: Boats and Trains by Catherine Foreman

December 18, 2013

boatsMachines and Me: Boats and Trains by Catherine Foreman. Pub. Scholastic, 2013.

Both these picture books are for the very young reader, pre schoolers to years 1& 2.

Big bold illustrations of primary colours with short one line and two line sentences that are simple to read. “boats with motors. boats with sails, boats to go out watching whales” There are boats doing everything in the author’s distinctive clear line style.

In Trains it is the same yet different, trains go “Frome the station, through the town, Up the hill, and then back down”. The difference is the reader can count the trains in twos from two to eight and can view a blue train a black train a red train and a green train.

My two pre- school grandchildren know them by heart already and they are very popular come bed time.

trainsReasonably priced at $14.00 and a great start for parents and caregivers who want to have a reading culture in the home.

School libraries should snap them up too.

What is encouraging is that two other books on tractors and planes are coming soon.

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