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Rosie to the rescue by Kyle Mewburn

December 19, 2013

rosie rescueRosie to the Rescue by Kyle Mewburn. Illus. Flux Animation. Pub. Random House, 2013.

Rosie is an imaginative and inventive cow so when the roads are all flooded and the milk has to get to town before it goes sour she applies kiwi ingenuity and NO. 8 wire to sort the problem.

Using three sheets, undies for a tail and No 8 wire she loads a kite up with buckets of milk and is hoisted into the air by cow power and rescues the day. Talk about three sheets to the wind perhaps it is all that nitrate in the soil and waterways.

Illustrations are part Mewburn, part Flux Animation, part aerial photography all of which give a picture of New Zealand  dairy farming.  Rosie is clearly animated and comes from a web page http://www.rosiesworld.co.nz  Check it out.

Kyle Mewburn’s written text is rhyming and witty. As the cows run to hoist the kite “They run like the wind, quickly picking up pace, Splattering cowpats in everyone’s face“. It is a read-a-loud picture book and children will want to hear it again and again.

It may not win awards but I bet it is childrens’ choice.

Primary school in appeal.

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