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Middle School Story: I Even Funnier by James Patterson

January 13, 2014

even funnierMiddle School Story: I Even Funnier by James Patterson. Pub.Random House, 2013. 

My first children’s book of the New Year and it is great. Good characters, good story good values and it is very funny in places although not exactly PC. Why should it be?

As an example – A woman gets on a bus with her baby and the driver says to her “that is the ugliest baby I have ever seen”. The woman sits down next to a man and says the driver was very rude to me. The man says go up to him and tell him how you feel. I will hold your monkey.

Jamie Grimm loves comedy, it is his life. He wins a contest for child comedians and is to contest The Funniest kid on the Planet contest. He studies other comedians and analyses his own life, school life and things around him for jokes. There is much to laugh at and it is not offensive.

He wants to be a standup comedian but for him that is impossible because he has been crippled in an accident and is in a wheelchair. He sees life from belt buckle high or belly button jewelery high if you want another perspective.

He is interested in girls and is not left untouched by bullies. Lots of good laughs in all of this and Jamie’s attitude is admirable because of everything that has happened to him. Read it and find out.

Primary and intermediate but some junior secondary school students particularly boys will get off on this. Those that have read the Wimpy Kid series will also enjoy it.

What better way to start a year than with a comedy book that hits home?

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