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The Only Boy by Jordan Locke

January 27, 2014

only boyThe Only Boy by Jordan Locke. Self published, 2013. 

This book had me spellbound. My immediate thoughts were that it should have been picked up by a Publisher because it is so good. No Publisher would turn this book down. Those readers who are interested can contact  jordan@jordanlocke.com 

Or try web site www.jordanlocke.com

It is set in a dystopian world where all the men and males of any species have been wiped out. Two majorly different groups have set themselves up and regard the other as an enemy.

Mary lives in Section one which is ruled in ruthless style by the Matriarch. The rules she says are made to keep everybody safe, but is this the truth? One rule that upsets Mary the most is the rule that no touching is allowed. (the consequences of this rule are discussed throughout the novel).

One day a new girl comes called Taylor. She has existed outside growing her own vegetables and living a more relaxed life where the no touching rule does not apply. Mary senses something different about Taylor and she wants to be near her. The reason is Taylor is a boy. The only boy. How did he survive?

Outside Section one is another group called the Earthers. They have primitive technology, wear furs, grow their own food and try to stay away from Section one. There are a few other surprises about them too but you will have to read the novel to find out what they are.

Mary and Taylor are the only two voices in this novel. They tell the story from their own perspectives in short chapters which keeps the reader involved.

The book is very tense. You want to keep reading, you want to know about Mary and Taylor. Will they get together?

I hope this book becomes easy to purchase because it says a lot about the nature of the human condition. Are we destined for extinction? What can save us?

High school students and young adults will devour this and it is so easy to read.

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