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Night Vision by Ella West

January 30, 2014

night visionNight Vision by Ella West. Pub. Allen and Unwin, 2014.

Not published until April two words that describe this novel are Gripping and Informative.

Teenager Viola has a rare genetic skin disease that means she cannot go out in the sun. The disease is called XP and those that have it are described as Moon children. Her life is lived at night and to help her with this her parents supply her with night vision glasses.

Viola plays the viola and because she lives on an inland Canterbury farm she practices at night as well as going wandering in the nearby forest. One night she witnesses murder most foul with the culprit burying a million dollars in the ground. Viola digs up the money and moves the murderers marker to another spot nearby.

This precipitates much tension in Viola’s life and for the reader hence the descriptive gripping. What will she do with the money and will the murderer suspect her. An article on Viola’s life in the local newspaper builds the tension further.

The informative part comes from the way Ella West informs the reader of the aspects that feature in Viola’s life. There is a detailed description of what makes an hereditary disease, details of what makes farming in NZ important, even a dissertation on what the effects of OCR or official cash rate, have on the economy. I applaud this as I consider that teenagers today lack a lot of realistic economic nous.

Enjoyed this easy to read novel for students aged 11 to 15 years.

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