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Enders by Lissa Price

March 7, 2014

EndersEnders by Lissa Price. Pub. Doubleday, 2014. 

If you have read the brilliant  Starters by the same author reviewed elsewhere on this blog then you must read Enders.

The world has had the Spore Wars and few working class people have survived because they couldn’t afford the vaccine to make them resistant. These people are the Starters of which Callie is one.

Enders could afford the vaccine, they are rich, powerful and now very old, most over 100 years.

In the first novel Starters, Callie volunteered for a mind/body swap for a heap of money with an Ender called Helena. Helena committed murder while using Callie’s body, died herself and left half of her considerable estate to Callie.

The organisation that supplied the mind/body swap is now destroyed and the Old Man who ran the organisation is out there still creating havoc.

All the Starters that allowed their bodies to be used in the mind/body swap had a chip inserted in the back of their necks and the Old Man still has access to them and is using it in a disturbing manner.

Callie and the Old Man’s son, Hyden, unite to destroy the Old Man’s power.

Interesting technological science fiction for high school students. Many twists and turns with Callie learning not even to trust her own judgement. Where will it all end?. Another class the Middles is revealed perhaps one more book. I will read it.

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