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Mrs. Mo’s Monster by Paul Beavis

March 10, 2014

Mrs Mos MonsterMrs. Mo’s Monster by Paul Beavis. Pub. Gecko Press, 2014.

One day when Mr Mo was in the garden a monster knocked on the door and when Mrs Mo answered he ran all through the house Crunching, munching and chewing because that is all he knew. Not a by your leave.

Mrs Mo takes it well. When the monster has had enough doing what he knows he sees Mrs Mo doing things with the things that he ate. She soon has the monster under control when he realises he can do other things like baking a cake.

Then a surprise ending and a change of attitude which all parents and grandparents will totally agree with.

I read it to my granddaughters and they kept saying “why is he doing that granddad”. I won’t tell you my answer that is something for you to do.

Lively illustrations with plenty of pastel colours. The monster is as you would want and there are porthole type windows that show the outside world. I was particularly fond of the grey pages in the attic where the memorabilia of Mr and Mrs Mo’s life is stored. Of course the monster ate it all.

That is what monsters do.

Paul Beavis is a new writer. I wish him well and this picture book is a great start for him. He must be a grandparent.

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