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Night of the Perigee Moon by Juliet Jacka

March 24, 2014

perigee moonNight of the Perigee Moon by Juliet Jacka. Pub. Scholastic, 2013.

A Perigee moon is when the moon in it’s orbit is closest to the Earth. It is also night when magical forces are at their highest and a night when skulduggery is rampant.

Tilly is a member of the Angelica family, most of whom possess some magical ability. Tilly is to find out what her ability is as she approaches her 13th birthday. She hopes she will be like her father with no ability at all but we know this is unlikely to happen.

As her birthday approaches and members of the Angelia family arrive at the ancestral home for Tilly’s Changeover, Tilly discovers she can talk to her cat Kit. She can also talk to any animal and she wants to keep it a secret. Fat chance of that. cats are born gossipers and soon it is all around the animal neighbourhood.

Skulduggery is at hand. Prosper an uncle who is famed for being an enchanter wants the family home for himself and he is planning to use the perigee moon to gain control. What will Tilly do? But first she must get through a school trip to the zoo.

A great read for primary school students and the winner of the Tom Fitzgibbon Award for a previously unpublished writer.

A novel full of enthusiasm that lures you in.

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