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The Golden Scarab’s Secret by Lindy Davis

March 30, 2014

golden scarabThe Golden Scarab’s Secret by Lindy Davis. Pub. Pelican Press, 2013.

Sometimes I read a novel that is so intriguing that I don’t want to finish living in the world that it creates. This is one of those novels.

Set in modern Egypt it  deals with the reality of visiting a society where there are so many contrasts with Western life. At the same time it takes the characters on a trip around the magnificent ancient ruins including the Pyramids of Gisa, the Temples of Karnak and Luxor plus the Valley of the Kings and Queens and others.

An historical mystery about a golden scarab that was secreted on the body of Tutankhamun  as he lay in his sarcophagus and was prepared for his life in the next world. This scarab was believed to have powers to heal and protect and it’s value in the modern world is priceless.

In the previous book The Golden Scarab it was stolen and replaced by a replica in New Zealand by a ruthless antiquity thief – a Russian woman named Sister Galya. Teenager Oliver thwarted her attempt to take the Scarab out of New Zealand and in this novel he travels to Egypt with his friend Jake and Jake’s parents.

Oliver plans to return it but is it the real thing? Has Oliver been duped? and who among the contacts that he acquires in Egypt can he trust? What can the son of a member of Howard Carter’s party who opened Tutankhamun’s tomb have to say about things?

As Oliver and Jake tour around they are followed, photographed, robbed, shot at and suffer the realities of life for a tourist in modern Egypt. A society under pressure where going on the street is to run the gauntlet of shopkeepers, frauds and dealers proffering junk and unique goods at the same time. A society where the female body is a battleground between Islam and the influence of Western Culture.

A well written action/adventure/historical novel that will win you over quickly. Intermediate and high school students will get into it easily and anyone who likes Egyptology.

The novel is available from South Pacific Book Distributors, Albany, North Shore City.

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