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Magic and Makutu by David Hair

April 16, 2014

magic and makutuMagic and Makutu by David Hair. Pub HarperCollins, 2014.

This is the 6th and final novel in the Aotearoa series and it ties all the loose ends up and finishes strongly after high powered action in the Past world of Aotearoa, the present world of New Zealand and in the heavens. It can also be seen as an action adventure novel where the heroes kill their enemies, find the girl and save the world.

Mat Douglas and his best friend Riki are on one side assisted by numerous friends and powerful ancestors like Mats girlfriend Evie and her birth mother Donna Kyle. On the other are ex league player and powerful warrior Byron Kikitoa and his friend Kiki plus a host of evil beings from the past world of Aotearoa. At the heart of the story is beautiful bewitching goddess Aroha who wants to bear a child with Mat to achieve her own immortality and save the world from chaos and possibl;e destruction.

Mat sees his role as being Aroha’s lover but reluctantly as according to Maori legend the lover of Aroha will be lucky to survive. To make things more desperate the original Treaty of Waitangi has been destroyed and to put things right Mat and his allies try to have the whole Treaty rewritten and signed by the original signatories in the past world of Aotearoa. Will it happen? Read it and find out.

I really enjoyed this novel where history and Maori myth and legend merge. It is splendid story telling. My favourite scene is a meeting in the past world of Aotearoa by ex prime Ministers Seddon, Savage, Ballance etc to discuss the destroyed Treaty. Great humour.

I am sorry to see the end of this series which began with the excellent Bone Tiki. Do yourself a favour and read them all. High school students and young adults.

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