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Brotherhood of Thieves: The Wardens by Stuart Daly

April 23, 2014

brotherhood thievesBrotherhood of Thieves: The Wardens by Stuart Daly. Pub. Random House, 2014.

I always enjoy a fantasy where there is a map at the beginning showing the lands in which the story is told and the various towns and geographical landscapes that make up the place of action. To cut a long story short this book has the map.

It is a simple story. Five teenagers of various backgrounds skills and physique are selected to join a secret Brotherhood whose mission is to protect the land in which they live by using the magic of the past to defeat a formidable enemy. The teenagers are to be selective grave robbers and their enemy is a bunch of giants from across The Scar.

In this first part a street thief Caspan and four candidates from select cadet acadamies are brought to the Brotherhood for training. They have to weld into a team in order to be successful. This is the coming together and first challenge for the team. There are rivalries within the group and lessons to be learned.

Each of the five can choose a magical animal as a sidekick much like the daemon in His Dark Materials series . Creatures such as Griffens or a pegasus. Caspan has a dragon like creature.

I can tell you no more except that it is very interesting reading. I particularly liked the ancient Dray culture that lived in the land before humans came.

Having said that the story is remarkably similar to a series I reviewed on this blog called Spirit Animals. See if you agree.

For intermediate and junior secondary school students.



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