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When We Awake by Karen Healey.

May 15, 2014

when we wakeWhen We Awake by Karen Healey. Pub. Allen & Unwin, 2013.

Some things never change. This was what hit me at the end of this novel which is another finalist in the NZ Post Children and Young Adults Book Awards.

Tegan Oglietti is a teenage girl living in the year 2027 who cares about the planet and global warming. She attends a protest meeting at which the Prime Minister attends and  mistakenly catches the snipers bullet meant for the PM.

That same day she was basking in her newly found love for Muslim boy Dalmar and the last thing she remembers is his lips on her earlobe.

She awakes  in the year 2128 and discovers she has been cryogenically preserved and brought back to life. She is the only successful revival and is a celebrity although not everyone thinks so. The fanatical Christians  say she has given her soul to God and is a soulless person who should give her life back to god.

The experiment was conducted by the Army and they want to use her in the best possible way to promote their own goals and this leads to conflict that  the rebellious Tegan cannot turn away from.

Karen Healey prersents a future world that is the same old same old except much worse than it is now. Muslims still hate Christians and vice versa and the climatic changes brought on by global warming are devastating. Australians still hate boat people and corruption and drugs still pervade the general population.

I will leave it to you to find out the rest. Good action and nice girlie talk with a new slang. There is a bonus for Beatles fans, each chapter is named after a Beatles song or album. It’s good to know they are still around in 2128. I wonder if they find MH370?

Meant for high school students and much to contemplate for them.


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