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I Don’t want to go to School by Stephanie Blake

June 22, 2014

don't want schoolI Don’t want to go to School by Stephanie Blake. Pub. Gecko Press, 2014. 

Another excellent picture book about Simon the rabbit that once could only say Poo Bum. Now his catch phrase is  I’m Not Going! to school that is. But when he gets there he loves it so much he decides he is not going home.

In spite of positive vibes of how good school is going to be Simon is determined not to go. He stays up all night because he is scared and at breakfast he hasn’t changed his mind. Father takes him to school and mother picks him up after school. His day is brilliant.

Once again bright one colour pages with bold written text. His day is shown in a multi image page, I loved the girl rabbits with flowers and hearts on their ears. And the classroom looks busy and interesting.

I hope Stephanie Blake tells more about Simon’s life. His first team sport would be a good choice – I don’t want to play!

The whole collection of stories about Simon is a must for primary school libraries and there are excellent tips for parents too.


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